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Phil Mayor

Actually you do have a drop shadow, I would customise it to the shadow is further away and spread further, giving the result of raising the box off the slide, also change the blue postit note colour as your eyes are draw to that .

I would even just add the emphasis animation to the glasses on the box, instead of the box


Tom Kuhlmann
  • The type on all of the boxes is the same, perhaps a difference in font (size, type, boldness pulls it out.)
  • The orange color could offer more contrast to the text.  What if the box color were darker or black?
  • Create an icon set as part of your style guide.  One could be used to indicate essential info.
  • Take the non important info out so it doesn't compete with what's most important.
Laura Lowden

I agree with what everyone else suggests above.  In addition, my eyes go diagonally down in looking at information on that slide.  It was almost as those my eyes had to refocus/reset to go back to the glasses.

I'd lower the yellow/neutral post-it down and make the snake/blue one higher.  That would help my eyes go diagonally up and I would notice the glasses/orange box a bit more.

Alicia Pennington

A couple of additional thoughts:

  • create a the orange box graphic in Photoshop or some other graphics program.  I like the ability Photoshop gives me in

    using beveled edges, glows, and drop shadows.  You could then insert the graphic and place a text box over it.

  • add a texture to either the orange box or the background.  This would create a style difference

Make it a great week!


Laura Lowden

I would definitely have to agree with Phil on his buttons and boxes suggestion using powerpoint.  It saves a lot of time and has greatly reduced the time I spend in photoshop.  I use photoshop primarily for layered or transparent images (currently use office 2007.. can't wait for the greater transparency abilities in 2010).


Linda Lorenzetti

What if you kept the 2 notes on the screen until they could be read and then moved the orange box over them, or faded the 2 notes out and then had the orange box appear front and centre.  I agree that in it's present location, it can be overlooked.  You could use a snakeskin texture on the orange box to make it stand out even more.

April Kitchen

If the glasses are common theme for "Important Information" throughout your presenation, you could make them interactive. 

Leave the Orange Text box hidden, until the glasses are clicked on.  This might only work if this type of interataction is consistent throughout the document, and participants are advised to click whenever they see the glasses.