Need to build a library!

Hi All,

I just started with an organization that is brand new to the e-learning world. They do not have any images or art to speak of to help create their lesson plans. I am looking for a very image package to start a catalog that I can pull from. I have been using Bing and Google to find free images to use, but it only goes so far. Does anyone have any good recommendations for art packages or site they like to use for their projects. I am familiar with Shutterstock, Istock and I am also looking at the art explosion group.

Please let me know what is being used and what you would recommend!


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Wes and welcome to Heroes,

I think using Bing and Google images to use for e-learning leaves your organization wide open to copyright issues down the line, so finding the right vendor is a wise move indeed. Besides the aforementioned sites, another alternative you could consider is Dollarphotoclub.

Hope this helps,

Bryan Jones

Hi Wes,

My company, eLearningArt, has the largest library of images designed for eLearning development. We have a 7-day trial if you want to check it out before buying. I actually started the company about 6 years ago because of my own struggles to find good assets for eLearning on the traditional stock photo sites. I hope that helps.



Simon Perkins

Here is a list of 10 sites offering free/cheap images. Personally I find Kozzi the best but that still requires something like $15/m subscription for a 5 image/day download. Like most (well, all IMO) free/cheap libraries the breadth of content is limited as is the quality at times. Hence I still use iStock, Shutterstock and GraphicStock.