Need to create 20 hours eLearning course........not sure where to start!

Hi there,

I am currently in the 3rd semester of a course on eLearning development and facilitation at a local online Polytechnic. In this last semester, I need to create a 20 hour course (the 20 hours is how long it would be estimated the learner would need to complete it, which includes all the reading material etc), need to include a quiz etc.

Can be on any topic, but I don't know where to start......and that is really very annoying:-(

Any ideas much appreciated

Kind regards


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Ross,

Wow! A 20-hour e-learning course! That is pretty huge. For the topic, I would try and pick something you're passionate about because then you'll have more fun creating it and likely already have a lot of the content you need right in your brain.

Do you have any hobbies? Cooking? Building stuff? Playing sports? 

Ross Hopkins

Hi Allison,

Thanks for responding. Yes I do have some hobbies and that is fixing computers. I am continually helping friends with computer problems, some incredibly basic and others requiring hardware replacement etc.......

Thanks for planting the seed, I will probably go with IT support :-)

Kind regards


Tom Kuhlmann

I'd find some compliance content which should give you a lot of content to stretch into 20 hours. A few good sites with some usable content:

A topic that would be good and give lots of exposure is to do something on accessibility. Perhaps a course series on building accessible online courses. It's a blend of understanding software features and having some strategic implementations.

Dave Goodman

I am doing a second round of graduate work and the 20 hours including reading time seems to be a normal load. Don't get overwhelmed. Break it down by your assumptions:

1. it will take the learner 12 hours of reading and online research

2. there will be 2, 45 minute courses of online learning (360 courses)

3. there will be a classroom presentation of 30 minutes with 2 hours of prep time

4. there will be a follow-up classroom exercise/small group task of 30 minutes based upon the 2 online courses

5. based upon your total efforts, do a series of podcasts. Since you have done most of the work, the podcasts - your efforts will be minimal but the learners will probably require 1-1.5 total listening hours.

6. etc, etc.

Since you are doing work at a polytech school, the topic will need to be tech related. PIck a topic that is more unique than what others might select. See if your topic can also have value for a job interview or the basis for a published article. Let's assume your topic is on robotics. This topic permits a good segment of effort toward the technical but also has great possibilities for also including pro/con employment impact, ethics of robotics, cyborg implications, impact of increased quality control and product life cycle. Enjoy the task and make it fun for yourself and the learners.