Need to store information in off line application for a course

Jul 26, 2016

I'm building a presentation where some of the variables entered need to be stored locally on the viewer's machine and accessed at a later time.  These variables will be numerics about product usage.  I was wondering is there a way you can run a Storyline presentation offline (no internet connection) and be able to store and later recall (when the presentation is launched again) certain previously entered variables.

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David Price

Someone on here may be able to offer better insight but my initial thoughts would be you may have to create some kind of cookie that saves the variables from the presentation.  You would have to use Javascript in some way to pass the variables into the cookie and then another piece of code to pull those variables back out again.

Most of this would probably have to be done outside the published course though, directly on the story.html or index.html page.  I know its possible to pull items out of a cookie and display it as I've done it before on a webpage but not sure how it might work in this instance.

Or I may just be completely over complicating the solution :)

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