Need topics for creating micro-learning samples

Hi community members!

 I need to create some generic micro-learning samples. These will be 5 to 10 minutes learning nuggets on any topic. But am stuck with the topics (though I have thought of few).

 Has anyone worked on micro-learning before? Please can you suggest some topics on which micro-learning can be created? Topics can be from any category such as finance, healthcare, an application anything that general audience can relate to.

 Looking forward to get some topic suggestions as well as any tips for creating such nuggets. 

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Christy Tucker

Take a look on sites like Open Sesame or Udemy for the kinds of business topics that are popular. You may be able to get inspiration there. You can't do the big topics, of course, but look at the outlines for those courses. Maybe one module from one of those longer courses could become microlearning, or one part of a topic.

Lucky Elk sells microlearning. You shouldn't copy them exactly, of course, but you can get some ideas on the types of topics they've gotten to work.

Regina Floyd

For healthcare topics, take a look at the website. They have topics targeted toward both healthcare providers and the public. They cover topics such as foodborne illness/safety and emergency preparedness that would be great for micro-learning.  

They also have a mobile apps site that might give you ideas: