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I've been trying to create a quiz slide with 6 checkboxes, 4 of which are correct and 2 incorrect. I want 'negative' scoring on the incorrect choices. I've read the tutorials and looked on Youtube (no luck on Youtube) but can't seem to get the 'by choice' option in the 'Scoring' section of the menu ribbon. Has anyone a simple example or a link to a Youtube video?

Thank you.

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Ignore the ribbon. When you are in the question slide's form view, next to the correct responses, you probably see a default value of "10". The default value you should see next to the incorrect responses is "0". If you click on the "0" in the points value column next to your incorrect responses, you should be able to adjust it to a negative value.

Mike Stewart

Hi Owen,

Thanks, but it's not a workaround I need ... I seem to have a blind spot when it comes to the instructions for using "By choice" from the ribbon menu, I just don't seem to be able to follow the guide at: and was hoping to get alternative instructons to help me overcome my difficulties.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Mike

if it's a Multiple Response quiz type you are using they don't have the option to score by choice - that is the same in SL2 and SL360 (assume SL3 is the same)

Multiple Choice, Word Bank, Freeform Pick One, and Freeform Hotspot questions are score by choice.

See this SL3 tutorial 

Mike Stewart

This may be where my confusion lies. When I'm creating the quiz slide and I look at "Multiple Choice" the description says it's a 'one from many' question. As I want 'six from eight' I've been trying with 'Multiple Response'!

I am using SL2.

I'll be back in the office in the morning and will try again and let you know.

Mike Stewart

Hi Wendy & Owen,

It would appear that I misunderstood what the tutorial was showing me, so what I'm trying to achieve is not possible ... without a workaround.

In Moodle's quiz editor there's an option for "Select one or more". Using that, I can apply a percentage of the question's score to each correct response, and a negative percentage to each incorrect response.