Negative Scoring in Storyline 2

Oct 02, 2015

Hi, here's my problem.  I have a Storyline 2 project with some unusual scoring.  For one of the questions, I want the learner to get 5 points if they get it right on the first try, and 3 points if it takes two tries.  In two of the other questions, it's a pick many, and there are 7 choices.  The learner gets 1 point for each of the 5 correct answers and loses a point for chosing one of the incorrect answers.  

I have figured out how to use variables (thanks eLearning Heroes!) to get this wonky scoring to work.  I used a hidden quiz for the first type and I'm trying to use numeric survey questions for the second. What I can't figure out is how to get all this mess to report accurately to a results slide so I can pass it on to our LMS. There should be 25 points total, and no matter what I do, it only reports 15 total points.  I have  attached the file here.  Any help would be most appreciated.  

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Jason Reed

Hi Carolyn,

I've had a bit of a look through your course and it's hard to put my finger on exactly what the issue is, but I suspect it has something to do with the Discharge variable. It looks like the triggers you've set up to add or subtract from the variable are good, but does this variable factor into your results slide at the end of the course?

I'm thinking (and I could be wrong) that it might be worth changing your end results slide to not include the slides with the surveys and then manually add in those points.

So your results slide would include the other questions, then you'd need a trigger that adds the value of the Discharge variable onto the results.

The other good thing you've done is to show the Discharge variable on a couple of slides so you can keep track of it. I'd be inclined to include it on the results slide for your reference while you're working, just so you can be sure it's all functioning as it should.

Hope this helps!

Carolyn Stoll

Thanks for looking into this, Jason. I'll try your suggestion, but what I've been discovering is that you can't send a variable to a results slide very easily.  One thing that was suggested elsewhere in another thread was to send the variable to a numeric or text entry survey question, and then have THAT report to a results slide.  I could never get that to work.  

If you know a way to fire a trigger that would send the variable to the results slide, I'd love to know it.  That's the sticking point I think.



Jason Reed

Hi Carolyn,

I think something like the attached Adding Variables to Results picture is what you need.

Then you'll just need to adjust your triggers to show your feedback layers for success and failure to something like the attached screenshot. You can change the pass mark to whatever number you like.

I did notice your results slide didn't have any feedback layers. I've made another one and re-uploaded your course. Hope this helps you out.

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