nerve axon background graphic

Hi All,

A while back I recall seeing a very cool slide design on the site somewhere that had a black and white nerve axon (looked a bit like an electron microscope picture) as the background and then a tabbed interaction (I think) over the top.  I have looked everywhere I can think of to no avail - does anyone remember this and/or can direct me to where I can find it again?



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Mike Enders

Hi Ingrid,

Not sure if there have been other axon designs, but I had something similar in the demo I put together for the Storyline launch.

If that's the'll find it in the community showcase.  Here's the direct link.  If this isn't the one, just let us know and we can help you search!


Ingrid Johnston

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Hi Mike,


This is exactly the one I was thinking of (I thought it was oneof your designs but wasn't absolutely sure) - thank you so much for your rapidresponse.


While I'm here (so to speak), love your work.  Alwaysinteresting and entertaining, I particularly enjoyed the "Psyched in10" and the "E-Learning How-Tos" you do are great.


Thanks again



(eternally humble and grateful!)