nerve axon background graphic

Hi All,

A while back I recall seeing a very cool slide design on the site somewhere that had a black and white nerve axon (looked a bit like an electron microscope picture) as the background and then a tabbed interaction (I think) over the top.  I have looked everywhere I can think of to no avail - does anyone remember this and/or can direct me to where I can find it again?



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Ingrid Johnston

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Hi Mike,


This is exactly the one I was thinking of (I thought it was oneof your designs but wasn't absolutely sure) - thank you so much for your rapidresponse.


While I'm here (so to speak), love your work.  Alwaysinteresting and entertaining, I particularly enjoyed the "Psyched in10" and the "E-Learning How-Tos" you do are great.


Thanks again



(eternally humble and grateful!)