New and Improved FREE Hangman Game Template

Hey Folks,

I got the original template for this in the downloads section of this site. I made some edits to give it a bit more of a modern look and feel. I also fixed a couple bugs that were literally bugging me! Hahaha. It wasn't loading a new game properly once the first round was complete. But now its all working as it should and I think its a bit cleaner looking and more user friendly. This is my first upload in this community and I am looking forward to becoming a regular contributor. I have only been using Storyline for like two weeks but I have used captivate for almost 20 years now. I remember when Captivate was called RoboDemo, long before it was bought by Macromedia and eventually Adobe. It has come a long way and obviously Storyline is a fierce competitor with Captivate. I am really enjoying using this application and I am looking forward to creating some cutting edge e-learning with it. Anyhow, please let me know how you like this game. The template is attached to this post for easy download. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you get some use from the file! Thanks again!

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Michael Pereira

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to say that my newest template is out. Its in Version 2 so that more folks can use it. It will work nicely in 3 as well. It has plenty of movement as well as some cool images, etc. Take a look and send some feedback if you can. Thanks!