new animation resource

I found this:

and have used it to create quicky animations for otherwise very conceptual or not too thrilling topics which need to be covered.  It is pretty easy to use and free (tho you have to use the video editor within Storyline to crop out the final powtoon branding piece).  Here's a short piece I put together for a new mod:

For simple stuff, it is a great alternative-- just passing it on!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Bud,

I've been using this for a few months now.

It is a little quirky in places, but they are getting better all the time.

Like you - I use it a lot for small "inserts" in courses that are designed to heighten someone's appreciation of a specific point or conclusion - such as this one.

I had a challenge with someone else that I could not make a workable/useable soft (hard?) skills course as a cartoon - here's my 4-minute course on Coaching Skills and the G.R.O.W. Model. I think it works

The Agency Licence has a vast (ever-growing) library of images and animations, and they are a nice team to do business with.


Bud Keegan

Bruce-- very nice (I loved the flying saucer!) and, yep, they both work well!  We had looked into commissioning bits of animation but it wasn't going to be cost effective.  I just love these new tools that make this kind of content possible-- especially when the alternative is some stock image or bullet point.