New Cocktail Course

I'm tasked to build a cocktail course where the learner has to make a certain drink. They select the spirit and amount, the liqueur, the mixer and fruit. They choose a glass then submit. The learning will be in the answer followed by a video we already have of it actually being made.

The interaction will be repeated for other cocktails.

I do have 3d image of a bar but I'm after ideas.

Any appreciated

Mark Bowden

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Bob S

Not sure I would over think this one....   Maybe simple drag and drop interactions. Or possibly context-sensitive drag and drop (ie variables where once you select Spirit, you are prompted for an amount). Might even include a drag and drop for Blender, vs Shaker, vs Stirring Spoon for each drink too.

If you wanted to get fancy...  you could have an image of a back bar area and they have to click on the correct bottle from the shelf, then confirm amount.  Same for glass type,  or the blender vs shaker, etc.  

Note: If you have lots of drinks in the course, your learner is likely to become annoyed the more cutsey the interaction is and would prefer a simple, more streamlined interaction.