New course layout

I wondering what some of you think is the best way to layout a new course.  I am beginning development of a 22 lesson (the hardcopy materials) online teacher training course for our organization and I am wondering how best to lay out the lessons (i.e. one lesson per scene, core lessons in one file with "sub" lessons in another with the files linked or ???).  Any challenges you have run into?  THANKS!

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Tracy Parish

I took a 2 day workshop and turned it into a long online course.  Each lesson became it's own scene.  Main menu was created with a Masterslide that had buttons (like a table of contents) that linked to each scene.

I think the bigger issue comes with where you are going to host the course.  My system is a pain for resuming where you left off.  I had to create the course very linearly because of this.

If I had a system that would allow me to better link/display courses together for the learners, I think I would have created mini-courses for each topic and then have the learners go into each at their leisure.  Ours was not successful as everyone found it toooooo long.  This is why I think the mini-courses might have gone over better.  Not sure 22 courses wouldn't scare someone away though.  Maybe there are some that can be grouped together?

I think you might need to consider where it is hosted and can the learners jump from topic to topic of their choosing, or is it required they go through the material in a linear manner.

Sylvia Wright

Tracy, mega thanks.  This is all really helpful.  We will host it on our own site so the thoughts on mini courses is a real thought.  I think perhaps do one course for our 5 core lessons and then the mini lessons at leisure.  Wow!  Thanks.  I'm still really new at Instructional Design (my first course, 4 lessons, is presently being reviewed by a graphic designer) and even newer at Storyline. :)  Again, THANK YOU!