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Tracy Parish

Hi Parashuram:

What this does is, for someone that might be using a keyboard or other device to navigate your course, instead of a mouse, is directs the navigation order of the items on the screen.

Instead of thinking of a "Tab - like on a folder", think instead of "Tab - as in the key on your keyboard".  People that need to use a keyboard instead of a mouse will press the tab-key to move around the screen.  Typically items are in the "tab order" of (the : 

  • last item placed on screen
  • then second last
  • etc
  • prev button
  • next button
  • menu
  • notes
  • resources (etc)

This new "tab order" feature allows you to change the order of the items you have placed on your slide into the proper order that directs the learning (of the person that will use a keyboard for navigating) as you intended.