Slick Software Template - TONS OF Functionality - MUST SEE!


This template is designed to look and feel like a piece of software. It has the basic layout of a software application and the flow is similar to that of an application as well. Choose a module  from the module menu and get started! You can also just continue from the main screen by selecting the Begin button or clicking next. The navigation is pretty intuitive and the layout and flow should be plenty easy to customize.

Preview - You can take a peek at the module here if you'd like. I hope you like it and enjoy using it. If you don't mind, send me some samples of how you use it. I'd love to see how other folks edit and create new things from this template. Its always enlightening to see the process of others' work. I think that it helps me to be more creative when I see how other folks interpret or use pieces of my designs. This of course creates a nice little circle of creativity where we feed off each other and create as a community.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! As always any feedback is appreciated and if you need help with a project or template please don't hesitate to contact me as I am always for hire! If you would like the PSD files or video files for this template contact me. Thanks again and keep on creating!







StoryLine Version: 2 & 3 (created in v2)



Template Name: Software
By: Michael Pereira



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