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Bruce Graham


Thanks for this and the other examples you have posted...however...I cannot help but seeing that from a design perspective this one is a bit strange.

You seem to be mixing the 3-D "end parts" with flat 2-D "steps" - which do not share the same perspective. Not sure they are meant to be 3-D, but the light source/gradient that you have used + the shape suggest receding perspective, while the flat shares do not.

It's (to my eyes) a little like a Mobius Band or an Escher drawing

Sorry - but this one just doesn't work.


Anand Timothy (Windmill Learning)
Hi Bruce
Now that you mention…. it actually does resemble a mobius band. Although that was not what inspired us.
We intended to make an interaction for a linear process, and thus wanted to keep the shapes used for steps; connected through out to show continuity. We used a radial glow with a shadow which is probably giving the 3d effect.
Sure enough not every design would work for everyone and thanks a ton for giving us another perspective on this.
Perhaps we could  rename it as “Mobius Band interactivity”.