New Hardware Needed

Hello all,

My colleague and I have had really bad luck with our ThinkPads constantly shutting down or freezing up when we are using any of our eLearning tools. We are going to ask for new laptops and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts / suggestions on what we should ask for. We have gotten a lot of push-back from IT when we asked for a Mac so we probably have to stay with a Windows based machine. 

Thanks in advance!

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Bob S

If it's a corporate IT, they have strong rules around which computers they support. Many IT groups select things like HP's business laptops - Not always the newest or fastest,, but all the components are guaranteed to play nice with each other and they require minimal support.

What that in mind.... How about one of the HP Z-Books from the business line?   They have AMD graphics cards so you can do a little video editing too.

Rachel Barnum

Hey Bryan,

If your company wants to stick with Lenovo (for example, perhaps they have a corporate deal with them or something), then they have some fantastic upgraded lines. Their ThinkPad is the business line, and although you could get an upgraded version of that, I'd actually recommend their Y Series. They're touted as a "gaming PC," but its graphics card should help give you the push you need for effective media editing.