New Hire Course - Looking for feedback

Hi SL team!

I just finished a new hire orientation course - looking for feedback.

I don't believe the link to our internal portal will work, but there is a lot of information out there for the new hire - benefits, resources, lots of stuff that I didn't want to duplicate in the course.

It's more of what I call a 'wrap'............ I'm working on something similar for a webinar wrap for another group.

Thanks in advance.



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Nicole Legault

Looks good... love the bright colors and clean and simple look... here's a few ideas I thought of when I looked at your course:

  • Add a "Click to Start" button on the first slide (New Employee Orientation) instead of automatically transitioning into your second slide (just to make sure people are ready and it doesn't start too quickly!)
  • Add a message that Audio should be turned on on the first slide (this is a best practice I like to do, although I've noticed not everyone does this... so totally optional but just an idea for you to consider!)
  • On the second slide (with the people that fade in) after the third character fades in (woman in green shirt) it seems that something else appears but its obscured behind the people who are already on screen, so you can't really see what it is....
  • Might be nice to include the seekbar with a "play/pause" button in your player (in case someone's telephone rings while they are watching your course, they can just click pause to stop the audio, instead of turning the volume all the way down, and then restarting the slide after).

These are just some quick ideas from me but it's looking really good!

Lyn Davis

Here is my feedback:

Overall I liked the course and agreed with Nicole’s comments.  I especially would also have liked a pause button and it did look like another character appeared behind the woman in the green shirt directly after she came on the screen.

The other items I noticed were:

  • Roadmap to success! Slide: the last icon that appears (it is mostly brown in color and is quartered with four separate pictures in it) is formatted differently than the others – it doesn’t have the transparent ring between it and the white ring surrounding it as the others do.  This makes it look larger (which is fine if it is supposed to stand out that way).
  • Starting our Journey Slide: The timing of the second black and white map point’s appearance seems a little slower than the others.   Also, I would consider having the circles appear in tandem with key words in the audio and maybe make the final pattern a little more random (unless these points coincide with offices for this company).
  • Let’s get started Slide: I like that the “Get started” circle is close in location to the first black and white map point in the starting our journey slide.

These are merely opinions, but hope they help.

Phil Mayor


Thanks for sharing, Just a few thoughts

Do you need a Prev button on slide 2?  I see no reason to go back, likewise on the last slide there is a Next Button

I would try and revisit the initial slides, I am not very keen on the icons and some text may be helpful.

I found the point of the journey was lost beacuse the dotted lines blended with the background, I would probably use icons here with some text and the picture of a map or something like the london tube.

The review confirmation I would customise to be more exciting and overall I think that is what the course needs is a bit of excitement.  This is a welcome for a New Employee and should be really exciting (as they will be, I think).

Thanks again for sharing, good luck