New PC/MAC or labtop/desktop

Please advise!

I'm not savey when it comes to hardware, but need to get a personal computer for home to do e-Learning work. I use a PC at work (Dell) but it's relatively slow when using Articulate Pro (publishing), Captivate, Photoshop, Illustrator. Audio software is ok, but I have not used video as of yet, but would need to.

I have read some of the MAC vs PC comments in this forum but would love to get sepcific PC brands that can be recomended, are any better than others...for desktops and labrops.

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.


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Sammy Hwang

Hello Fuks. 

I am using Premiere pro, video editing software,  on I-Mac, and experienced several crashes.

Although Mac is better than PC in general, Adobe products tend to work better on PC.

Just in case, if you decide to go with PC, you have to have Window 64bit, not 32bit to install video editing software such as premiere pro and After effect. Also Desktop tend to work better if you need to consider using video editing program.  

In sum, I will vote for a desktop pc. All PC brands are about the same, I think. If not, I will happily be corrected.  

If you don't mind, can I ask a question? What kind of LMS did you use? and Are you familiar with Wordpress as CMS?

I just happen to check your company's web site and it looks very nice.  Did you customize it from Word press?  

V Fuks

Hi Sami, Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding LMS, we use CornerstoneOnDemand.

Rgarding website, its the organization that I work for site, so I deleted it so it won't confuse anyone that its not my personal site. I don't kow which CMS was used (but can find our from our web developer if you like.) 

Regarding Wordpress, I only heard of it recently and have not gotten a chance to look into it. However, a colleague sent me this link and thought it would be helpful: