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Hi Heroes 

I am starting to build up a portfolio as I am looking to go freelance in August when I leave my current position.  Unfortunately I do not have any access to my previous projects due to business security reasons so I am simply having to create templates based on what i have the most passion in.

I will share them on here for feedback.  The first one is based loosely on the Haji Kamal module which i find so inspiring  is one for the legal sector.

I would love any feedback on it before I move onto the second scenario.

A day in the life of a Junior Lawyer 



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Sarah Hodge

Hi Steven! Awesome work! I left a few comments in regard to the design. You did a fantastic job making this into an engaging learning experience. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Also, you mentioned you're going to start freelancing in August. I wanted to point to these awesome articles. I hope you can find some useful tips in there to help you land some gigs. 

No-Fail Strategies to Succeed as an E-Learning Freelancer (Part 1/2)

No-Fail Strategies to Succeed as an E-Learning Freelancer (Part 2/2) 

Best of everything to you on your freelancing journey, Steven!