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Brian Gil

Hi all,

What you're experiencing is a by-product of our recently tightened spam detection techniques. We have several methods for finding and removing spam, some developed in-house and others using commercial products. One of the commercial products is being a bit overzealous at the moment and is unfortunately flagging legitimate posts. When that happens, the post is temporarily grayed out to indicate that it's been flagged. This puts it into a queue for our moderators to review. During business hours we're quick to un-flag the posts and have added weekend coverage as well so they don't linger in that state for too long. The act of un-flagging also trains the 3rd party product which should over time reduce the frequency of the false positives and allow us to keep the checks in place. I'm watching that closely and if it doesn't get smarter as promised, am prepared to tweak the implementation.

Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to refine our strategy for tackling this evolving problem.