New Rise feature: Storyline blocks!

I was excited to learn about this new feature in Rise! I played around with the new feature and created a demo using the new Storyline block function:


These are the steps I took to create the Rise lesson:

Step 1 - Create 3 one-slide Storyline video/recipe cards (cookies, cobbler, & brownies). Publish each to Articulate Review.

This is what the brownie video/recipe card looks like by itself in Articulate Review:

The recipe icon is a Storyline marker that triggers the recipe's state to change from hidden to normal.

The print icon has an "execute javascript" trigger to print the recipe to a pdf.

The "video" is a series of photos I edited in Camtasia, using some zoom effects.

Step 2 - Create the Rise course, & customize with a cover photo.

Step 3 - Add one image/text block lesson.

Step 4 - Select and add the three Storyline block lessons (available to select because I published them in Articulate Review first).

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Backbase Academy

Hi, Tracy!

May I ask you what triggers you used to play the video when clicking on the PLAY button? since storyline blocks start automatically, I tried using triggers to pause the timeline when the PLAY button's timeline starts, but for some reason this didn't work. Would be great if you could share the flow you used!


Tracy Carroll


On the Articulate ribbon, I set the video to play when triggered, rather than play automatically. 

Then I set the timeline on the slide to pause when the timeline on the slide starts.

When the user clicks on the PLAY icon, the timeline on the slide is set to resume, the media is set to play, and the PLAY icon is set to the hidden state.

Tracy Carroll

Hi Joanne,

1. How do I go back to the video from the recipe screen? I do not see any button to close the recipe.

Right now, you would have to move to another "lesson" or recipe listed in the Rise menu on the left (image below), then return to the video you want, and it would start over again.

It would be possible to create a button to close the recipe and return to the video in Storyline, but I didn't do that in this example.

2. I think it would be nice if you pause the video when clicking the recipe.

That could be done with a trigger to pause the timeline of the video in Storyline, but I did not do that with this example.

This example is just a quick demo of the new Storyline blocks feature in Rise, and not a comprehensive demonstration of everything that could be done with the Storyline blocks. 

When I was playing around with the new lesson type, I was mostly interested to see if I could use Javascript to add a print button to the Storyline slide and have it work to print the recipe when imported into Rise.