New template

I posted this over on the product support side by accident and it got buried pretty quickly, so I am going to repost it over here (sorry if I am breaking any rules)

I was thinking about all the suggestions that Tom makes about taking design ideas from magazines, websites etc to turn into powerpoint templates and I came up with the following:

based on a website I saw.

Some of the text got a little crooked, but that shouldn't be too hard to fix (I'm not sure why that happens when I publish sometimes). The published file is here

I also attached the powerpoint file so you can play around with it. It would probably work in some other colors as well.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Kayla - this looks nice! Thanks for sharing! I especially like the way the gearshift shape fades from black to bright green on the Choice 2 slide!

Regarding the green callout boxes publishing in the wrong places ... this is kind of interesting; it looks like the rotation applied to the shape is causing some odd behavior when it's published to Flash. If you change the rotation to 0 degrees, and then just drag the yello handle on the tail of the callout to the place that you want it to point to (rather than rotating the shape), it should publish in the proper place. Thanks for pointing this out though - we'll submit as a QA issue.

Kayla Burtch

Actually, the text boxes are separate objects (not text entered into the shape) so I'm not sure why it is moving. Sometimes when I publish objects move a little, I usually just adjust the objects accordingly (move them to the wrong place that will lead to them being in the right place when published) and republish.