New Template with nice layouts

Hey folks,

This is my newest offering to the community and it is loosely based on the Velocity template in the content library. I changed some of the colors, etc. and added a good bit of movement. Each slide is animated and "builds" itself  when it opens. It offers a few different layouts for a variety of content. If you use imags and text together you will have your choice of several looks to choose from.

This one has plenty of movement that will not only work well in this template but can also be utilized in other ways and files as well. Anyhow, I hope you folks like and enjoy using it. Let me know your thoughts!

StoryLine Version:  3 (created in v3)
By: Michael Pereira


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Michael Pereira

Thank you Ridvan! Yes, traditionally I have used the movement on the slides where I was talking or voiceover was present, etc. Just to keep the learners attention while the voice was engaging the ears and mind. However, I find that if I use movement to build all the slides and then limit the looping movement to slides where I need something more going on, I get a more dynamic look.

Honestly, its all a matter of opinion, choice, taste. Some folks love movement, others prefer a more static look. At the end of the day, its the content that is matters right?

Thanks for the comment my friend!