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Sep 19, 2019

Hi there

I'm new to Articulate and am trialling the software. Would appreciate any guidance on how to get up to speed with the software. Thanks!

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Ned Whiteley

Hi td,

The best way to get up to speed with the software is to view the extensive range of tutorials available via the Learn option in the menu at the top of this page (select Articulate 360 from the drop-down menu). This will take you to a new page and from there you can select the tutorials you are after from the menu in the green box on the right hand side.

There is some great content here, along with videos and examples and you will find yourself returning to them on many occasions in the future.

dave faldasz

Hi td!

Ned is right on target with the tutorials suggestion. Here's what I hand out at work for tutorials:
Storyline 360 Users Guide (154 sections!)
23  Getting Started Tutorials from Articulate
Storyline YouTube training videos. 500+ videos
book E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline 360
chapter on Player tool

You don't need to go thru a complete tutorial either. You can use them to get you over a rough spot or give you ideas on how to start.

Finally, , just build and test a 1 screen application, using your PowerPoint skill set. It will grow quickly from there. Articulate 360 is a contagious development tool. Share what questions you have in here. People will not only give you suggestions, but also build and share little demos to demonstrate. You have come to the right place.

hope that helps.
Just curious. What have you used in the past?


Karl Muller

I would recommend choosing some content in your organization that is representative of what needs to be converted to eLearning, and building that in Articulate, 

Don't choose an area that is too big; just create a small lesson that is no more than 10 or 15 minutes of student learning time.

Not only is that a good learning opportunity for you, but also offers proof of whether Articulate  is the right tool for your organization. 

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