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David Anderson

Hi Joshua and welcome to ELH!

Are you asking more about how to share your files or if we have animation-specific challenges?

We've hosted several challenges on using animations in elearning but you can easily apply animation effects to almost every challenge

Full list of challenges: https://community.articulate.com/series/e-learning-challenges

Sharing Your Work in the Challenges

To share your work, you can upload your project to your website, blog, or fileserver like Amazon S3 and post a link to your published example in the comments section for each challenge.

If you'd like us to host your files, you can use our Dropbox file request link to send me your zipped output: http://bit.ly/ELHChallenge  When you upload your files, please include your first and last name and challenge number in the file name: DavidAnderson_122.zip.

Hope to see you around the challenges!

Alexander Salas

Hi Joshua, 

 Welcome to the best elearning community evah! Many of us "regulars" have a YouTube channel and share screencasts on various topics. These ones may get you started on doing some creative State changes: