New to e-learning design - Assistance needed please

I've been tasked with re-vamping our entire training program and I am looking for ideas on how to take a 195 page word document training manual and breaking it up into e-learning modules along with quizzes and application sessions. I would appreciate any insight as to how to create a smooth, concise learning program. The individual slides and templates are helpful, I'm just a bit stuck on how to incorporate an entire manual into an e-learning program.


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David Tait

195 pages sounds like quite a large training manual so initially I'd be looking to see if there was a natural place to split the content in to multiple modules. If I was able to split the content I'd then look at the learning objectives and associate each of them with the relevant module(s).

Once you have the content separated along with the learning objectives for each you can look at ways to reinforce the learning points with any relevant quizzes, learning checks, photos, illustrations etc. You will also be able to look at the info and decide what is top-level (most important) and if there is anything you consider secondary that you could put behind a click so the user has to drill down to access it. This helps prevent each screen becoming text-heavy but beware that too many clicks increase the likelihood of a user missing the hidden content.

Don't underestimate the benefits of having your copy edited with e-learning in mind. Chances are that if your content originates from a printed manual there'll be a lot of info that could be made more concise by a skilled editor.


Nuno  Cardoso

1- Choose the specific objectives and goals for each learning unit in advance.
2- Create an in depth outline to highlight key topics.
3- Avoid cognitive overload by keeping learning units short and sweet.
4 - Include an introduction and review in each learning unit.
5 - Assess your learners every step of the way.
6 - Always provide relevant feedback.
7 - Choose learning activities that serve the end goal.

Dave Chace

I agree with the above in that its essential to take your large volume of information and present it as a series of digestible modules...keep each as short as possible. No one relishes sitting thru a 20-minute eLearning module, but most folks would gladly sit thru 10 2-minute modules. 

It's also a great idea to connect with an SME to review the document and determine the essential "need to know" versus "nice to know" information, as this should strongly influence your approach and focus--and potentially save you a lot of time if, for instance, it turns out that the 'nice to know' info may be suitable as an attachment to a related module.

Good luck!