New to layers and quite frustrated

I have added 6 layers to a slide but I don't see them showing up all together on the timeline.  And none of them show up in the preview.  I can only see the individual layers when I click on each one in the layer window.   I want to sync my audio to each layer but don't see how to do that.  I'm really frustrated looking through tutorials and youtube videos where it looks so easy.   What am I doing wrong?

I attached the base layer timeline view and the layer window timeline view to show you what I'm talking about.  

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KC English

Hi Jane,

You have to set triggers so that the slide-layers will show. Appears you have set slider-layers of your base layer and not actual slides. If you understand how to set triggers on the timeline and coordinate them with your audio, then they will appear at the point which you set.

 Have a look at this to re-freshen the trigger concept.

Triggers concepts

Hope that helps.