New to welcome........:)


Wanted to share my first attempts with Storyline - still getting used to all the features, but if anyone has any good suggestions/feedback to make it better/things I could do to utilise the product more before starting other modules. I would be very grateful. Thank you. Maxine

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Kate Hoelscher

Wow!  My first module in Storyline didn't use nearly the number of features yours did!  Very good. 

For drag and drops with immediate feedback (through states), I've been letting them drop whereever, but using the incorrect and correct drop states to communicate rather than snapping back to original position--I think it's easier for the learner rather than going back to the original location again if I get it wrong.  (I've been using red and green for wrong and right.) 

Like that I was able to pull information I was interested in, especially in the first part. 

Keep it up!

Bruce Graham

Hi Maxine!

That was really great - as a first course, pretty damned outstanding, I loved it.

It flowed well, you were clear, and your subject was well "layered", taking us deeper and deeper in, with great use of visuals.

Well done

Couple of small things:

1> You could put "zooms" onto some of the images, they look quite hi-res so would not go "grainy" when zoomed, (highlight the image > format > Zoom picture),

2> Your voiceover, while very clear has a slight "hiss" Behind it which is noticeable when the slide ends. If you are able to record externally, clean it up, and then insert into the course you have a great voice for online learning.

3> You may want to minimize the Menu chapter details and have them open up when you reach them. Just go to Player > Manu, and click on the image of the course menu "arrows" to do this.

These are small beer though - a very nice course indeed :)


Maxine Guillen

Hi Bruce

Thanks so much for your message. This really helps a lot! Have started using the zoom feature in the next module. Am I right in thinking that you are unable to use the zoom feature in layers as tried to do this, but could only get it to work on main slides? Hope to keep in touch with you. Thanks again for the feedback and take care