New to Storyline - NERC Presentations

I am very impressed with all the talent displayed from all of you through this site. I have been assigned to create CBT's for a few of our NERC Procedures.  Storyline and NERC are new to me.  I'm currently taking the existing Powerpoint presentations and importing them into Storyline so we can load them into our LMS system.  I would like to add some creativity so they are not so dry and boring.  If anyone has experience with NERC and wouldn't mind sharing one of their Storylines they have created it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Kim,

Welcome to the community! If it's shared creativity you're looking for, you are definitely in the right place. While you may luck out and find someone here with NERC experience (I had to google it), you will have a lot more source files to choose from if you don't limit yourself to files using the same topic. That won't help you with the instructional design part of NERC but if you want some resources for pre-built interactions, there are a lot of those available.

First I recommend checking out the Downloads section of the Articulate community site. Everything there is free. If you look under the Templates section, there is a Storyline category. That's a good place to start of you need some interactive elements before you have time to learn how to build them from scratch. There are also a lot of pre-built interactions already inside Storyline. If you don't know how to do that, you can see it here at the 1:25 mark

Here is another short tutorial I did a while back that shows how you can convert community source files to fit your own needs.

Once you are ready to learn how to build some of these things yourself, there are tons of free resources here to help you learn that too. So let us know if you need help finding them.

I hope some of this is helpful to you!


Mike Taylor

Hi Kim! I used to work for an electric utility company and have actually worked on a NERC course before. I'll second Natalia's great advice and if you're interested I think I still have my NERC project around somewhere if you'd like to take a look? It is in PowerPoint since it was a Studio project, but most everything would translate to Storyline too.

Kim Audinet

That would be great if you don't mind sharing.  I have been playing around with a few of the pre-built interactions and templates.  Due to time constraints, the first couple are really plain but moving forward I hope to make each one a little better than the one before it by adding in some of the pre-built interactions and templates until I am able to begin breaking them down and learning how to create interactions on my own.  Thanks!.