Newbie question

So happy I found Articulate! It seems like an incredible software. I've watched all the tutorials - and now it's time to dive in.

Before I do, quick question (forgive the naivety)

I am creating an online course for a large client.The written content (which reflects the script) covers about 40 pages! Sounds like a lot...obviously which is why it is being broken into several videos focused on 3 different sections.

So question is:

- do I create 1 master course with all the content in the table of contents OR
do I create 3 separate courses and treat them independently so 3 separate Articulate projects?

2nd question then is there a maximum size for the course? or a breaking point where it is better to split it into 2?

Ultimately they will just add it to their LMS / intranet.

Thanks so much for any direction.

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Douglas Spencer

I would do one course. Later, when you get more comfortable with the program having all your content in one course will prove beneficial if you are keeping track of variables.

If the content is too long most LMS set-ups let the user come back to the course and continue where they left off and keeping track of finishing all three sections is more work for the system.

Finally, opening and viewing three courses may also confuse people. Keep it simple!

Jackie Van Nice

Hi Allison!

Funnily enough I have just the opposite answer. I always create smaller mods/lessons that learners can access uniquely on the LMS.

A very easy way to be sure your design, etc. carries over to each lesson is to complete lesson 1, then copy that file down as the basis for lesson 2, etc.

Best of luck to you! I'm sure you'll enjoy using Storyline.



I have a question to your comment "Ultimately they will just add it to their LMS / intranet." I am new to this too and doing a project for a client, do we use ourarticulate software or my client's articulate software? If we use ourarticulate software - how do we get it to the client for use in their system? Can I exporta file that is all "baked" and they import it into theirs?

Bruce Graham

A lot of what you create will depend on what you "feel" makes sense.

You will get some people that say it's too long or doesn't work as one, and some that are fine with it, (see above!).

As you design the course - you may (for example...) want to have some real-world practice sessions to reinforce the learning. In that case, it might make sense to split things up a bit.

Whatever you do, just make sure that it is logical for your subject matter. There's probably not wrong or right.

The 3rd way - be completely sure what you can do on your LMS, and work from there