Newbie...Looking for ideas to create a toolkit

Apr 04, 2016

I'm completely brand new to Storyline (but have used Captivate in the past).  Our team just finished our initial product training.  My first project is to create a new leader toolkit to provide access to information & navigation to basic tools necessary for new leaders (think HR policies, IT, facilities management, etc.).   Much of this information is existing in multiple folders & the toolkit will serve as a central, searchable hub that links out to the various documents. My original thought was to do something tab-based, but I've identified 15 topics for this toolkit in the initial outline, and that may grow.  Can anyone share some simple templates or ideas to get my creative juices flowing on a design?

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Marissa Carterud

Hi Ashley,

Just piggybacking on Wendy's idea, Storyline has markers you can use (which I've done in the past for HR training). For example, if the HR department is in a different location or building, you can use a map and markers to illustrate not only where the physical location is, but then also take the learners where your content can reside for each tab/folder you have.

Bob S

Another option might be breaking things up by task group...

  • Here are the tools you will need to become familiar with your role. These  include job description, org charts, et al
  • Over here are the common tools for navigating around our facility including maps, parking rules, et al
  • etc

You get the idea.  Depending on how formal your organizational culture is, this can be a great choice as new folks don't always remember what's an HR function vs whats a Payroll function for example.  Hence they forget where to look/ask.


Ashley Barnes

Thanks for all the great ideas! Our team is also working on an orientation module for students...totally different content, but we're using an avatar ("Buddy") to guide them through the material & activities.  I'm thinking a similar concept would work here.  Also, using the image of a binder and/or file folders for each topic area.  I think the majority of new leaders are promoted from within, but I like the inclusion of maps & other navigational information for those that aren't.  The rest of the material is pretty high's why you need XYZ and here's where you go to find it (either link or contact person/department).

Is there a template that you recommend to get me started?

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