Mar 30, 2016


I have created some courses that I am trying to publish on the web.  I'm doing it in html5 format so viewers can see it from any outlet as I am trying to get my name out there.


I read that Google Drive supports html5 but when I upload it, then attempt to share it on a social network device, it will not allow viewers to open it.

I have tried multiple steps and followed several different blog directions.  I truly appreciate help here.


Thank you,



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Joanne Chen

Hi Jo, I used to host my demos in Google Drive. Unfortunately, it works not well and even freeze up recently. I think it might due to their policy change, they will no longer offer this support after August, 2016. So I am moving all my demos from Google Drive to Amazon S3 recently. Will you consider another hosting solution? You may refer to this post.

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