Newest Flash Player for Mac OS 10.4?

Hey everyone.  I'm trying to upgrade my Flash player for my Mac.  It's Mac OS 10.4, and when I try to install the latest version, I get this message that after 10.1, Flash player does work with PowerPCs.  Well, I read on the Adobe site that Flash Player works with Mac OS 10 and up.  So I'm confused.  I'm thinking that maybe this Flash player problem is what's making my presentations look choppy on my Mac and that when I save my Flash CS4 file to a .mov file, it messes up that .mov file in the conversion process, which makes it not want to switch over to MP4 H246 (or whatever that option is) in Format Factory.

So, does anyone know how to upgrade Flash Player in a Mac OS 10.4 from Flash Player 10 to  I tried on their site, but it gave me a bunch of archived files for Flash developers.  Don't want that.  I just want the Flash Player.

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