Next Button Change to Normal when Revisited

I have a slide set with markers ( in Storyline 2).  The next button is hidden until all of the markers have been revisited.  This part is working fine.  The problem occurs when someone returns to that slide, the next button is hidden again.  The markers are showing as visited and the slide is set to "resume saved state".  How can I fix the next button to appear when someone returns to the slide so they do not have to click through all the markers again?



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Garth Yorko, T.E.

Use a True/False variable initially set to False.  I'll call it "Markers_Visited"

Adjust Markers_Visited to True if the state of all the markers is visited.

Create a trigger to change the state of the Next button to Normal when the timeline starts if Markers_Visited = True

Ensure that this marker is after the trigger you use to change the state of the Next button to Hidden.

Jennifer Barton

Hi there Garth, I am trying to create a solution for a similar issue. 

I have a slide with two buttons. I would like to have the next button hidden when the slide is first visited. But then to reappear when the user returns to the slide.

I have tried to implement the method above but it seems not to be working.

File attached

Thank you

Garth Yorko, T.E.

The order of your triggers matter.  Triggers are acted upon in a top - down order.  Your trigger to set the Markers_Visited = True happens after your trigger to jump to another slide, so it never changes as the slide jumps before the variable can be adjusted.

Move the trigger to adjust the Markers_Visited triggers before the trigger to jump to another slide.

Margaret Millan



If you have an order to the buttons, then it's what I wrote below for Janet. 

It's an easy trigger... Change state of "next button" to Normal when "timeline starts on this slide" IF state of "markers" (list them all individually) are "visited."

But if it's an either-or situation, you might need to add a variable that counts when one of those two buttons are pressed, and then add a trigger to activate when the slide starts and your variable has reached the desired number.