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May 09, 2017

Hello!  I am using SL2  with a button menu on Slide 2.3.

I have used variables to disable the nextbutton on the slide so that the user has to click onall the buttons before progressing to the next.

I have coded the next button  to jump to the ResultsSlide but the next button appears disabled.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Carmelo,

I played around with your file a little bit and got it to work. Here's what I changed:

1. I deleted the variable you created and the associated triggers because there's actually a much simpler way to do this. I just added a trigger that changes the Next button to normal when the timeline starts if the states of all 3 buttons are equal to visited (see screenshot).

2. I changed the slide properties to "resume saved state" (see screenshot).

I noticed some branching issues in your file, so I fixed those as well since I wasn't sure if that was part of the problem. 

I also deleted the previous and next buttons on your quizzes. I find it's confusing to offer those buttons to learners when they're supposed to answer the question and click on submit. Then, once they've answered they get the "continue" button to advance. 

I've attached my file so you can see how I've set it all up.

Let me know if you have any questions! :)


Carmelo Moschella

Hi Allison, regarding the branching issues I deleted the slides the questions were pointing back to. I did this to reduce the file size to email it. 

As regards using branching( i had branching set up Question 1) I found that when it came to redo the quiz  SL2 had me go to Question 1 and then revisit all the slides between Question1 and Question 2 as well. Is this normal?  

Allison LaMotte

Hi Carmelo,

To answer your last question: the branching on question slides is on the feedback layers. 

And regarding your previous question: Yes, it's normal that you have to redo the entire course (questions and not) because your questions are mixed in with the content.

The only way I can think of to bypass this would be to:

1. Create a numeric variable that adds 1 when the user views those content slides

2. Add a condition to the continue button trigger on the feedback layers so that the button jumps to the content slide if the variable is less than 1

3. Add a second trigger to that same button that says to jump to the next question slide if the variable is greater than or equal to 1.

Hope that helps!


Carmelo Moschella

Hi Allison,

 Thank for providing the screencast it shows me exactly how to accomplish the fix.

I have applied the changes to the Question Feedback slides as you indicated earlier and the slide progress to next slide is working great! Thanks again.

Allison, I am wondering if you could please provide me with your opinion, regarding my use of placing text in and out of white boxes against a coloured background,   It has been suggested i should only have a white background for all my content slides and only use the coloured background for the first " title" slide.

Would welcome your thoughts on what is considered by the industry as the current practice.

BTW you have a great speaking voice.

Thanks in advance,


Allison LaMotte

Great, I'm glad that was helpful (and thanks! Like most people, I don't like listening to my voice but I'm glad you do. :)

There isn't really an industry standard as far as I'm aware about using colored or white background for content slides, it's a matter of personal preference. I think as long as the content is front and center and easily legible, the background color doesn't matter.

That being said, since you're asking about graphics, I do think your template is a little "busy". There's a lot going on in the design and it may be hard for learners to focus on the content.

I went ahead and stripped the design down to something a little more minimal and modern so you can see what it could look like. Check out this before and after screenshot. You'll notice that I actually ended up splitting your 2 slides into 3 slides, so that each slide has it's own purpose:

1. Welcome

2. State the objectives

3. Tell learners what to do next

I hope you find that helpful! I've attached my redesign file as well in case you want to use it. The font that I used in the headings is called Lobster Two and you can download it for free here.

Have a great rest of the day! :)


Carmelo Moschella

Hi Allison,

Thanks again (I keep repeating myself) for the Before and After comparisons. I can see your point about making two slides into three, 

The Before and After comparisons are great. I can see your point about making two slides into three,  A very nice fun font it seems to tie in well as the course is about the health of children ages 0 to 5 yrs (fun young like).but not sure I could use for some other content slides with long headings...I can see you converted my black coloured text into a grey. So are you suggesting to convert all current black content text ??

Will attach one of the eleven modules to show you.

So lettering on title page centred while content on other slides aligns flush left...

I guess align text for question slides flush left too ...


BTW  I can see the Overview and Navigation buttons are now gone.  Am I guessing you feel these are not needed? is that correct?

I  need to include a home button somewhere as it is part of the LMS admin Systems requirement.....I thought to place it in the top RHS 

Removing the graphics from the page does make it cleaner. Welcome any further comments you have on the attached module.



Allison LaMotte

You're welcome, Carmelo! 

The screens I redid were just intended to be examples. If you think it's best to include overview and navigation buttons, go ahead and add those buttons back in. Otherwise, you could just use the default player and menu so learners can navigate back to previous slides as needed.

If you need to include a home button, I would recommend putting it in the top left-hand corner. That feels more natural to me since that's where it is on a lot of mobile apps.

You could use a little house icon or the "hamburger" icon (the 3 stacked lines that look like this) that a lot of apps use these days, for example.

You'll find tons of free icons in the downloads hub. Here are a couple of my favorite sets:

If you're struggling with the graphic design aspects, here's an article that you may find helpful: Visual Design How-Tos for E-Learning Developers.

Best of luck creating your courses! :) 

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