"Next" is pausing the timeline

Mar 27, 2017


I've created a course and on the second to last slide when I choose "next" it pauses the timeline and freezes the slide. I can't choose "play" to start the timeline again and it won't advance to the next slide. The rest of the slides are fine. Any ideas what is happening? 


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Adam Hoe

Does it freeze when you preview this page or the next, or only when it's published?

If you delete that particular page from the course and republish it, it might help identify if it's related to that page only or something else in the course.

If deleting the page fixes the problem: You might try to rebuild the page from scratch. It could help identify at which point it causes an error. 

If deleting doesn't fix the problem: I would look more closely at the next slide and perform similar trials on it.

erin walsh


I had the same issue and the only way I was able to fix it was rebuilding 3 of the slides that it affected. I tried SL2 and exported a zip to scorm, SL360 in articulate review and 3 different browsers- nothing worked. I removed the initial slide is affected and the issue jumped to the next and then the next, so a re-build was my only way out. :(

Jessica Jones

Per my reply to the below post: This is exactly what is happening to me! I removed the plagued slide and so when I viewed the next - it just did it the new second to last slide, ugh!!

When I try to preview that slide it just tells me it cannot perform the action because I'm asking to only preview that slide and won't advance. 

Do you think this is something I should input a bug ticket with Storyline? 

erin walsh

Yeah, in preview you can't advance, so you'd never know. I'd say you can try submitting a ticket. The Articulate staff usually respond in these threads, and they may ask you to upload your file so they can check it out and see if they can find a solution. I don't know how quickly that goes though.

Are you strictly working in SL2 and/or SL 360? I only ask because after the file was fixed, I wondered if it happened because I took an image I used from a 360 file and pasted it into SL2 and those were the corrupted slides. I could be way off - but just a thought.


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