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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Alexandros,

Thanks for reaching out here. I checked your account and our email servers, and I see that the emails have been sent consistently and are being shown as delivered.  It looks like mostly for the Building Better Courses section? Are you not receiving any emails or just from a particular section? I checked back even to August 8th and saw a lot of emails going through - they all show as delivered to your Gmail address. Could Gmail have started marking as spam based on the initial surge and onslaught of emails we had?

If you're still not seeing them, can you submit a case to Support@articulate.com so that we can work on this a bit more? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Alexandros

i had similar in the first spam attack...I unsubscribed...waited a day and then re-subscribed.  The emails started dribbling in, one or two here and then which I knew wasn't right as when I checked the forum there were loads of posts on there.  It seems to have righted itself now though it took a few days.