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We are looking for a few providers of stellar Customer Service Training, specifically for two branches (one located on the edge of Cleveland, OH the other by Atlanta, Georgia).  We would be hoping for a blended style of training, like live e-learning or an on-line course and a speaker on site.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or preferences on developing Customer Service Skills Thanks.

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Robert Kennedy

Hi Rachel,

Not sure of specific companies that offer the blended training specific to Customer Service.  But our company as well as others, I'm sure, would be willing to work with you on development and then coming up with solutions for delivery of the online.  One thing we have done in the past is connect with a vendor who delivers a specific face to face training and then we have collaborated to deliver the asynchronous, online component while they did the live, face to face.  We of course collaborated to build the curriculum to the appropriate scope.  Hope that helps some.  Feel free to contact if I can answer any more questions.

Bob S


For what it's worth... "Customer Service" can be one of those terms that means different things to different folks. For example...

--Customer Service training for folks that work in a call-center environment mostly processing a narrow range of customer transaction types


--An outside relationship manager/rep that offers dozens of services/products and manages the entire client relationship from introduction to termination and all points in between

The best training approach might be quite different for each of those situations.

Having been fortunate enough to be involved with creating and training in a Customer Service program that earned the client a JD Powers #1 nationwide ranking,  I know what a difference the right program can make. It sounds like you do too. My advice would be to hook up with a pro (there are lots here like Robert and others) that understands not only how to create a great training, but how to integrate it with the overall effort to make sure the culture change sticks.

Hope this helps,