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Oct 28, 2016

Hi All

Any ideas on how I could go about compiling a grid type quiz where learners can input numbers, (provision must also be  made for decimal points - so it would have to be flexible where a range of answers can be correct)

Ideally it should be a table/grid format, so that different calculations for the same question can be entered across numeric boxes.

Any ideas or links to appropriate threads would be appreciated.


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Luke Heathershaw

Hi Jessica,

It sounds like you can use 'Numeric Text Entry' boxes and triggers/conditions to accomplish this.

I've put together a quick project for you that shows how to do this, obviously you'd have to tweak the conditions, but you can use decimals using this method. 

You could even have multiple conditions on the same text entry box, so you could show the 'tick' if the value equals several different values.

Hope that helps!


Jessica Sundarlal

Hi Luke

Thank you so much for trying to help me! I have tried to re-create your example however I have inserted a free form 'pick one' option to enable the submit interaction feature as this would form part of a graded quiz.

Please could you have a look and advise on where I am going wrong. The answers would need to also contain % and Rand formatting (I am not able to insert these when I set up the conditions on the variables)

Your expertise would be much appreciated.

PS: Sorry for responding so late, I hadn't realised that anyone had tried to help me until I came back and searched for my post!



Luke Heathershaw

Hi Jess,

That's quite a challenge!  I've just been working on it and, after a bit of head scratching, I believe I might have come up with something that'll help you out. 

Basically, I've used a hotspot freeform activity. The hotspot is located over a custom 'submit' button (that doesn't actually do anything, it's just to show the learner where to click). The hotspot is only clickable when the conditions of the variables are true, otherwise there's a transparent box that blocks the hospot and it send the learner to an 'Incorrect' layer.

If the learner has the ability to click the hotspot, then their answers must be correct. So the quiz is submitted and is correct when the learner clicks on the hotspot.

For the answer inputs to contain a Rand sign and a '%' (forgive me if i've used the wrong sign!), I've used a series of triggers to show/hide boxes and text that overlay the input for the numeric entry variables.

It might not be exactly what you wanted, but hopefully it'll help you out a bit more.


Jessica Sundarlal

Hi Luke

Firstly I'm sorry to be such a pain.

I've manged to simplify the Quiz to an extent.

However I find that if all correct answers are entered, and for example, one is incorrect it does not call up the incorrect layer - instead it shows "Invalid, you must complete the answer before submitting" (This occurs on both slides)

Any ideas on why this is happening and I how I can fix it?

Also I noticed this morning that all my variable triggers reverted to blank,  - so even when the correct answers were entered they were not recognised as correct. I have since reset them ...but not sure what I'm missing, and concerned that this behaviour may repeat itself.

Edit - something else I've noticed now, is that slide 1.2 appears to saving the answers entered into slide my soul!

Luke Heathershaw

Hi Jess,

It looks as though your new version doesn't have the 'result' variable or the 'hotspot' question . Both are important as it's these two that determine whether or not to show the transparent cover over the submit button - and thus changing the result of the 'quiz' to true.

If you take a look at the sample in my last post, you should be able to copy the relevant objects and just copy the variables and triggers - though it seems like you've got a few more now!

Now that you've added 9 input text boxes, you'd need to add the desired variable values to the conditions for the cover, so it will take a bit of time and effort.

The reason you're getting the same answers in slide 1.2 is that the answers are referencing the same variables as 1.1. Variable data is tracked across the project, so if you reference it on one slide, it'll be the same regardless of the slide number. To fix this, either create new variables exclusive to slide 1.2, or create triggers that set each variable to 0 (or whatever you want) when the slide starts. 

Hope that helps, you'll finally get there soon!

EDIT - Sorry, i've also just noticed that you're now using the player version of the 'submit' button - this is probably why it's saying you've not completed the question. I'm not sure if changing the state of 'correct' to 'selected' is enough for the quiz to know if you've got the question correct or not - I've never done it like this so I don't know. 

If you want to use this method, try changing the state of 'correct' to 'selected' when a variable changes, rather than when you click the 'submit' button. This way, the state change would happen before the learner clicks 'submit', this could be where it's going wrong.

Jessica Sundarlal

Hey Luke :-)

I've figured it out.

The conditions set on the 'incorrect' trigger was the problem. I had to use OR instead of AND to indicate that the incorrect layer must show up, when any of those answers were incorrect.

My initial conditions dictated that all answers had to be incorrect for the 'incorrect' layer to display.

And thanks a mil for the help with the variables - I was having a brain-dead moment!

Hope you have a super weekend!!


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