Numeric entry require leading zero?

Hi all,

I am creating a prototype slide with multiple math problems on it. The point of some is that the student MUST include a leading zero before the decimal. Is there any way a numeric entry can be evaluated for that? (Versus stripping out the leading zero?) I tried using a text entry, but then other variables set to change when the the numeric entry (now text entry) changes don't work.

Skip the third problem on the attached slide and it works. Mostly. (There's something weird about getting the last problem wrong - then the calculation Score A/ScoreB doesn't work.)

But the point is, I need to figure out if I can even require the leading zero. If not, this effort won't work anyway. :-(

Any knowledge about whether this can work?


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Narda Butler

On further exploration, I've learned that I CAN get a text entry to evaluate for the leading zero. I cannot use that value later in a calculation. 

I cannot figure out how to trigger a calculation that will track percent correct based upon two variables: ScoreA tracks answer attempts (denominator), ScoreB tracks correct answers (numerator). ScoreB is passed to ScoreC and then I need a trigger to adjust variable Score C, divide by ScoreA, when...? There's the new question. When? I'm avoiding using another click on the part of the student to accomplish this. Any ideas?