Obtaining Survey User Details

Hi All,

I am struggling with how to develop a welcome page to a survey  (either Quizmaker or Storyline) that asks the user to provide their name, job type, phone and/or email address.

I have had a look at Jeanette's screener but that is based on the provision of correct answers rather than free text entries.

I would like to house the completed survey within Articulate Online.  I just can't work out the correct variables.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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Mike Taylor

Hi Danny! What will you do with the information you collect? Will you use it within the course or are you simply gathering data.  If it's just simple data gathering have you considered using survey tool like Survey Gizmo or Survey Monkey? You could embed the form as a web object and then all your data would be available to download into a spreadsheet etc.

Just a thought...good luck!


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Danny! The quiz/survey questions in Quizmaker and Storyline are really designed to display one question per screen, so it sounds like you'd need to set up a separate slide for each item you want to collect. However, since you mentioned you're using Articulate Online, I'd recommend looking into the  Guestbook feature as an easier way to collect data like this on the front end.