Odd Drop Correct State Behavior


I'm working on a project in which learners drag a piece of equipment to a room, drop it and then view details about that piece of equipment via a Drop Correct state. 

As you can see in the images below, the items for my Drop Correct state have to be oddly placed in the canvas in order for the Preview to align these elements correctly. Why is that? 

Project Specs - SL 360, 960 x 720

Thanks for any insight! 

UPDATE: Attached is the project; I've also completed a couple more Drop Correct states. The odd placement behavior still persists, and, in fact, it's getting worse. I need to position the items farther and farther off the canvas in order for it to align correctly in Preview. I guess I was assuming that State views in the States window and canvas were WYSIWYG. Could the problem be that these items are in a scroll panel?



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Heather Vogt

Thanks for checking things out, Tom! I cannot believe THE Tom Kuhlmann looked at my post and responded. (fangirling)

Anyway, I was able to get the states to work, but the placement of them in the States window and on the canvas made/makes no sense to me. Here's a screenshot of one of the Drop Correct states:

To create a state wouldn't I place the content in the position where I would want it to "end up" when the state is active?

For example, when dropped correctly, the image and content above should be in the middle of the patient room; when creating the Drop Correct state I positioned the image and content in the middle of the room - where I wanted the image and content to "end up" when it was in its Drop Correct state.

However, when I positioned them there and previewed, both the image and content were off the canvas or in an odd place (definitely not in the middle where I initially put them when I created the Drop Correct). I tweaked both the image and content and found that placing them here (image above) puts them in the middle of the room when I preview. Weird, right?

Am I misunderstanding where you position items when creating a state?

Thanks again!



Tom Kuhlmann

The object state moves with the object. So it's going to be aligned exactly as it is when you create the state. The key is getting it to be where you want it to be. 

Some people use hotspots on top of the image and make the hotspot the target. That gives you more control over where it displays.

If you need very specific feedback alignment, I'd use a layer to show the caption.


Hopefully that's what you are asking.