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Does anyone have any instructional design needs that they need help or assistance in creating. I am an instructional designer with a bachelor's degree in education looking to develop my portfolio. I am interested in helping with projects in exchange for the ability to use the work in my portfolio. 

Thank you! 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Tes,

I don't think you should give away your time or work. Well, unless it's for a good cause. Have you considered offering your services to a local school or nonprofit? That'd be a win-win for them and for your portfolio. 

You can also build a portfolio with whatever you want to put in it. Some folks use the eLearning Challenge for inspiration. Or you could design a short course about a topic that interests you. Or you could create interactions that use different kinds of "tools" (e.g., sliders, dials, input fields).

In other words, a portfolio doesn't have to contain samples of actual projects you've been hired for.