Office Clipart Power Search

Hi Articulate community!

I keep thinking I'm missing something when searching the terrific Microsoft Office library of images. I've checked MS Help without finding answers to the questions below. I know many of you are power users, so 'm wondering if you might have some suggestions:

Is it possible to access a current listing of all image Styles in the library? This would be enormously helpful when evaluating whether a style contains enough depth to support all the image requirements for a learning object.

Is there a tool that suggests complimentary styles? I realize not every style can have every object  and that for most objects you search, there's at least one style that does have it...what I'd like to do faster is locate complimentary images so that I'm not jarring the learner with distracting style change when I need an image that doesn't exist in the primary style selected for the piece.

What are Microsoft's rules for assigning a Style? I really like that MS allows users to upload images, and I realize it doesn't make sense to create a style number for a one-off image, so I'm curious what the system is for assigning a style. Is there a minimum similar objects that must be submitted?

Thanks very much for any answers and additional resources you can provide.


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