Online course for a bit weird topic.

Hello Community members,

I am trying to gather some ideas on the topic that I must create.

Our target audiences are law enforcement officers who cannot take face-to-face training or workshop. 

And I am supposed to create online course on stalking for them.

The current contents is just a powerpoint with a lot of texts and a video clip that an instructor has from Youtube.

Could you share some ideas or resources that I can use? How would you convert this kind of heavy topic to an online course? Or if you were a police officer, what kind of stuffs would you like to know about stalking?

My boss told me that he wants to ensure users have to get through all the contents with a lot of interactivity and multimedia. I showed some examples to him. It seems like he likes to see something similar to Kevin's work (

If you happen to have any ideas or resources related to the topic, just let me know.

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Ivan Hernandez

About five years ago I worked on courses with Law Enforcement Officers as the target audience. Our approach was very simple, linear courses --straight PowerPoint presentation to eLearning conversion with Engage interaction and Quizmaker learning check points. Main reason besides budget was the fact that officers needed to be on the streets rather than spending hours reviewing eLearning courses.

From my particular experience, it helped me lot to know instructional design. This helped me to identify learning and performance objectives, outline the course and plan for learning strategies such as: identify learning interactions to reinforce learning and type of questions. My recommendation is that before you go into full swing development draft an outline and identify all the learning elements I listed above. Then, sit with your boss and partners and go through the outline and agree on what would be your course, make edits, revise if needed.

Zara Ogden

Make it a game.

The Serial Stalker...

Have the users identify how the individual is stalking how you can recognize that he is stalking. Put in some victim responses both afraid and vigilante anger. Go through a case with a serial stalker. You could even use some previous cases and mirror it.

You know how Kevin has the objective screen with the files that could be your case files. Open each case to learn about the stalker. Then travel to fin them.

I have a game on my phone "Where in the world in Carmen Sandiago" it is really basic. It uses a main background then has objects, clues, and other fun stuff hidden in the background (you could use hyperlinks). The point is to find the missing jewels then catch Carmen. For your purpose you could have the user solve each stalking scenario and catch the villain.

This program would be fun to produce.I am so jealous.