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Alexandros Anoyatis

A forum would be standard functionality for the majority of SaaS or managed LMS solution, so that could be a good start.

Otherwise, you could use a tool like Slack which offers "close-enough" functionality.

Of course, an even better bet would be to sit tight, and enjoy this community instead.

Alexandros Anoyatis
Vickie Gray

Thanks! Any experience with bbPress?


No, but even if I had, I would probably find reasons to dislike it as I'm not very fond of the Wordpress model.

So that doesn't necessarily make me right, just biased.

However, a choice such as this is dependent more on your business model (if there is one) and processes, rather than just each tool's feature list. For example, if you wanted to monetize from your course offers and use the forum as a value-add feature, it would be better to look for forum functionality within your users point of registration (such as your website or LMS) rather than a seperate forum with seperate logins and passwords.

Just my 2c,