Online Instructional Design Courses

Jul 16, 2014


Does anyone have an idea about any Instructional design courses available online ?? Kindly share some details if you know...would be of great help

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Darren D

Hi there,

There are many available but I'll throw a plug out for the one I took after some research into this topic myself.

The approach by TechTotal is really good because they guide you through the principles and particle aspects of learning software applications via Skype. It's hands-on, interactive and they are flexible to set up hours for you to Skype.

I took their certification course and it was money well spent. Their resources and service were top notch.

I'm sure there are other good options too, but if you' d like to see what TechTotal has to offer, check out this link,

hope this helps.

Nicole Legault

Hey Melvin!

This is a great topic, thanks for bringing this up! Have you since found a program that you think will work for you? In case you haven't found something yet, here's some links to some past forum discussions on the same topic that might be helpful for you! They aren't all about online programs, but there are a few online ones mentioned.

Good luck!

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