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Oct 03, 2012

Hi everyone,

I need a few ideas. I want to put together a portfolio and I am not sure which of the free websites to use. DO you have any ideas? And is it easy to upload an Articulate project to those?

Thank you  so much!!!

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Jerson  Campos

If you don't know anything about wordpress, take a few minutes to learn about it. It's not just for blogs, it's a very powerful CMS platform that is used by many professional companies. Most website hosts will be able to install it for free. And there are plenty of great  free themes that are made for portfolios or you can buy a premium theme which are not that expensive. I am currently messing around creating my own custom theme for my site.

As for uploading articulate projects, one of the outputs is a flash format. I'll have to take a closer look at it but I'm sure there is a way to upload it.

Let me know if you have any more questions on this. There is tons of info about wordpress online, but if you need something specific just message me.

Simon Perkins

+1 for WP.  

IIRC their standard hosting does limit the amount of customisation (themes, plugins, widgets etc) you can do ... but for as little as £3-4/month you can sign up to one of many stable hosting packages and unleash the full versatility.

For an idea of what's possible, check out these ThemeForest themes.  Most (like their competitors) cost £10-40, with the best ones giving you a slick, professional site with plenty of customisation and even decent email or forum-based support.

Jerson  Campos

Very versatile plugin. Absolutely a must for anybody that uses articualte to create online content and has a WP website. The one issue I do have is all the gray area on the sides. Is this from the articulate file or the plugin? If it's from the plugin, I'm sure there would be an easy way to customize it.

David Lindenberg

Jerson campos said:

Very versatile plugin. Absolutely a must for anybody that uses articualte to create online content and has a WP website. The one issue I do have is all the gray area on the sides. Is this from the articulate file or the plugin? If it's from the plugin, I'm sure there would be an easy way to customize it.

@Jerson: Not sure about that. I have mine set to open in a new window.  You might want to try to contact Brian directly since he built it.  Good luck!

Daniel Brigham

I have a WordPress website for my e-learning and voiceover business-- I find them pretty easy to use. Looking to the future go with a responsive theme.

Of course, you don't need a website to put your portfolio online. Is it already in Articulate Presenter or Storyline? If so, you can just upload your files to a dropbox and share the link to the master .html file.

Carmen Souza

@Daniel, I really like your website! SO if you develop something in wordpress you still have to find a host? Which one do you use? Also, I chose a theme but I am not sure if I can add and delete tabs. Or should I look for a website that has exactly the number of tabs that I need? (home, portfolio, resume and contact)  Thank you!

Jerson  Campos

Yes you still have to find a host. Think of WordPress as software you install on the host server. You can then log in and create content, pages, and posts. Creating "Tabs" is real easy. All you have to do is create a page and it would automatically add the tab. Posts are your entries for your blog or portfolio pieces. My website uses wordpress as well, but I custom built my theme. I did this so that it would only display my portfolio pieces on the front page and if I wanted to I could add a blog later on for other content and it would remain seperated from my portfolio. Custom building one isn't easy, if you don't know html, css, or PHP then I suggest downloading a free theme (there are plenty) or buying a premium theme.

GoDaddy is real popular ,but usually the most expensive as well, for hosting websites. I use iPage. Whatever host you decide make sure they can support WordPress. Most have the option to install wordpress on the host with a click of a button.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Carmen:

My site is a WordPress site. I like WordPress for two main reasons: 1. Relatively cheap to set up. 2. Pretty easy to add content to.

I use Bluehost as my hosting service. The cost of hosting is pretty minimal (something like $60 a year.) If you like the idea of a WordPress site, I suggest purchasing a responsive theme. A responsive theme will allow your site to play well on mobile devices and iPads. I picked my theme (Alyeska) from The theme itself was $45 bucks, but it took my web person five hours or so to install it and make the tweaks I wanted. It's super easy to add pages.

Glad you like the site, and let me know if you have any more questions. --Daniel

Mike Taylor

Here's an idea that might work. (Depending on how extensive of a portfolio you need, etc. )  This is a simple Storyline version of a portfolio that I posted on DropBox.  It's sort of a self-contained, no website required way to make a 'quick & dirty' type of portfolio.

Mike Taylor

Setting up dropbox is super simple. Just register at   and I'm pretty sure there are a few threads in this community on setting it up too. Once you've done that Dropbox will have a copy of your files which you can share a link to. I think they're "Getting Started Info is pretty good but if you run into any trouble you can surely ask this group and someone will get you all fixed up! 8-)

You could recreate this in Articulate Presenter although probably not as quickly/easily. You'd probably have to make the mouseover effects in a 3rd party type of tool and then insert them. Maybe I'll take a shot at seeing what I can do with it using only Presenter.

Joe Deegan

Another +1 for wordpress! I use it for my portfolio at and love it. If nobody else brought this up, I would recommend looking for a host that can provide a "one click install" of wordpress so you don't have to deal with installing it.  I use DreamHost and they provide the one click install that makes it really easy.  However, there is a lot to learn about Wordpress so I would recommend checking out some tutorials to speed up the learning curve.  I think might have some good wordpress tutorials.

sienna smith

I also use WordPress, it's very simple to set up and the possibilities are almost unlimited! A one click install indeed is a good solution! There are several providers that provide that possibility. I also use joomla a lot. My experience with joomla is, is that the possibilities are bigger, but it's more difficult to use...

Here are a couple of good sites with tutorials for wordpress:

Trouwlocatie Breda | Golfbaan Oosterhout

Carmen Souza

Hi everyone,

I am getting a little desperate. I got Webstart and hostpapa and I can't get it to work. Then I set up a dropbox and when I share the html file all you can see is the code or sometimes a blank screen. Please feel free to send me an email if you think it is better than just replying to everyone here.  I have had a great interview with a good company and I know the next step is to show what I have. I am in bad shape if they ask to see it today!  Thank you!!!

Blake Griffin

In dropbox you should place the published folder in your public folder.  Then open the published folder that is in your public folder, right click on the player.html or story.html file, then click dropbox, then click copy public link, then paste the link in your browser and your module should play.  You can also paste the link in an email and send it to someone to view.  Hope this helps.