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May 27, 2012

I am looking for a way to display the various types of body parts that are most frequently insured in on the job accidents. One idea I had was to set up an interaction similar to the game of Operation. As the participant clicks or hovers over a particular body part, a box would pop up with statistics.

Has anyone done something similar? It doesn't seem that difficult using the hot spots in Quizmaker, but I don't want the 'answers' given away with the dots that appear. Also, any ideas on where I can get a similar graphic that I am allowed to use?


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Wendy Garrison

Bruce Graham said:

Hi Wendy....

OK - a TOTALLY "off the wall" suggestion here.....could you use a modified version of Jeanette's interactive "Hangman" game?


@Bruce -- I've gone a different route for this course, but I still want to find Jeanette's hangman game for future reference - do you have a link? I have spent some time searching, but no dice.


Efrat Maor

Bruce, I guess you can ask for a permission, and it makes sense to have those demos\examples out in the open now.

Wendy - 

I also believe Storyline seems like a good solution here.  

But if you don't care for hovering, and clicking is an option - than a regular branched scenario will do as well. 

User will click on the body part - to get the relevant info.

BTW -  What is the objective here? Just to learn where people get injured? Or to help in minimizing those injuries?

Case I guess you can mix the two. one liner of stats and the rest is the "how to avoid this injury" part. 

Bruce Graham

Hi Efrat,

Currently waiting for an answer, the issue is not the examples themselves, but sending a link exposes the Beta Forum content.

My suggestion of "Hangman" was primarily based around the simplicity of the graphics. It may be tard to create a set of graphics for the "Operation" type look and feel, with Hangman you just need to use a series of lines.

There are many ways, as already posted, that the game can be created in Studio or Storyline, (mouseovers, layers, hyperlinks etc.), apologies for not being clearer with the purpose of my advice,.


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