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James Brown

You know why don't you use an online office suite such as Google Docs where you could create a document, share with students and then they can update and share this same document with you. You could see the changes and at the end of course, you simply give them a deadline and say all work must be completed by x date and y time and then grade it.  If they wished to download and complete it, they could simply email it to you as an attachment but honestly the Google Docs online option would be the route I would pursue.

Heather Young

I'm actually looking for something similar, and currently have the "workbook pages" as fill-able .pdfs available in the Attachments section.  I would *love* to be able to create something that was more like an active question and answer where the data would be captured, then available for digital storage/print out at the end of the course ...

Does anyone have any thoughts/experience doing this without creating a database or independent program?  I dont' have the budget or time for that "fancy shmancy"   Thanks in advance!

Joe Deegan

You could also create a Google Form and embed that in an Articulate Presenter project using a web object.  When you create a Google Form it gives you a link to share the form.  Just use that link for the web object and you'll have the form embedded in your presentation.  If you want to post the results at the end you can use another web object or include a link to the results spreadsheet.  Hope that helps.

Manfred Manfred

I am using Office 2007 and I have several big files to send in 1 single new file (to be opened in another workbook) - Of course, I tried to copy / paste (and paste special... which is not possible when swapping files in different workbooks unless changing options... try it, you'll see - Just saying this because I will get some silly answers like cntl+c and cntl+v, lol). When copying / pasting, I loose the formulas, only the values are pasted...

James Brown

I think there may be some misunderstanding of the term workbook. There is an Excel (XLSX) workbook but then there is a "Lesson Plan" workbook with reading materials and exercises. i.e. Something that you would hand out to students along with their regular text book to supplement their understanding of the reading materials.  I believe the author of this forum is referring to the later.

In regards to Excel Workbooks. There seems to be a minor misconception that you cannot copy formulas across workbooks. When you copy an Excel "CELL" or entire workbook and you wish to paste the contents into another workbook, yes this is possible. No, pressing  CTRL+C and then CTRL+V will not work for copying formulas because this is a windows DOS command and its only for copying text. However if you look at the "Paste Options" you'll notice there are a lot of various options. If you'll notice, yes you can copy and paster formulas or just the values and yes you can copy content from one workbook and paste them into another.

BTW there is a size limit on the amount of data that you can copy to the PC's clipboard  and there is a size limit on Excel Spreadsheets so the practice of storing all your apples in one bowl is not a good one.

Hopefully that helps. As they say "Seek to understand and when that's not possible, Google it."